At, we develop premeditated tax strategies for our clients. We help our clients solve their Tax Compliance, Tax Planning, and Tax Resolution issues.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients maximize their investments of effort, toil, finances, and emotion in their businesses, by making every move count. Our mission is simple. Help clients submit well prepared tax returns on time, minimize their tax bills, and avoid or reduce interest and penalties on unpaid tax liabilities. We also stop the enforcement of liens, levies, and seizures of property by negotiating with the IRS and State Tax Authorities.

The outcomes for our clients are: No more tax stress. No more concerns about overpaying your taxes. No more living with the feeling that you are running harder just to remain in the same place.

The fastest way to make more money is to keep more of what you make and make it work for you. Instead of paying interest and penalties, why don’t you earn some interest for a change? Instead of owing the government, why shouldn’t the government owe you for a change? We provide tax compliance, tax planning, and tax resolution services with integrity and professionalism.

Here is what will NOT happen when you do business with us:

  • You will not spend the first four months of each year working for the IRS and State Tax Authorities.
  • Your tax bill at the end of each year will not send you into a state of shock. You will know what to expect and have a very close estimate of your final tax liability prior to year- end.
  • You will not be stressed about the possibility of your assets being levied, or placed under lien, or in extreme cases being sent to jail for not meeting your tax obligations.
  • You will not approach your mailbox with trepidation for fear of receiving a Notice from the IRS.

Call us at 901 791 4643 to schedule your appointment. Email us at Our mission is to eliminate tax stress and make doing business a pleasure instead of a pain. We will help you focus your time and efforts on what you do best, your business!!!