Tax Resolution Services

If you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service or to your State Revenue Department, this service is just what you need. You may have received threatening letters from either or both entities. It is one thing to owe a bank money… is another to owe the IRS or a State Revenue Department. They could make your life a living nightmare. Here is how our systematic analysis, evaluation, and negotiation might help you reduce your tax debt.

  • We validate your tax liability. When we break down your tax debt into liability, interest, and penalties, we can easily verify the accuracy of the amounts. We have on occasion, sought and obtained reductions of interest, penalties, and even tax owed as a result of inaccurate amounts indicated by the tax authorities. This is the most crucial aspect of our tax debt resolution service.
  • We perform a financial assessment.
  • We determine the tax debt resolution option that would make the most sense.
  • We approach the IRS or State Tax Department on your behalf and negotiate the best solution for you.
  • We put in place monitoring procedures so that you do not relapse and return to your old ways of addressing your tax obligations.

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