Tax Compliance

If you need to prepare and submit your business or individual tax returns, this service is for you. Here is how our systematic analysis, and dynamic tax preparation processes help you get the most value out of this mundane but necessary compliance requirement.

  • We interview you to determine the events that occurred in your life and business over the past year, and how these might impact your tax position. On numerous occasions, we have amended the tax returns of our clients because their previous tax preparer did not take time to analyze their tax events. Such clients usually end up owing the IRS massive amounts of money because a tax preparer made an outrageous mistake. Our service is thorough, and we review the tax returns of our clients so that each tax return has at least 3 layers of analysis.
  • We prepare your tax return and identify potential opportunities for saving on taxes and managing your tax risk. For example, we might advise on your company structure, or credits within your industry that you are not taking advantage of.
  • We discuss your tax return with you. These days, you don’t even need to come to our office. Using technology, we call in to you, you see us on your screen, and we take you through your tax return. We listen to you and make changes if additional relevant information comes up. Those last-minute insights usually make a difference and have saved some of our clients thousands of dollars.
  • We transmit your return to the IRS and State Tax Department as appropriate.

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