Tax Planning or Premeditated Tax Strategies

If you are not taking full advantage of the credits, allowances, exemptions, and deductions that are available to you, this service is just what you need. Here is how our systematic analysis, and dynamic tax strategies will help you keep more of what you make.

  • We analyze your tax returns over 3 years. That helps us determine the tax trends in your business and quantify the excess payments you may have made.
  • We identify gaps in your tax savings and quantify such savings to show you what would have followed to your bottom line, if those gaps did not exist. A common gap that we come across is the underutilization of available deductions. We compare your deductions with the industry’s and point out what are considered “ordinary and necessary” that you may be omitting and thus not benefiting from.
  • We analyze your entity structure and determine the best structure that would minimize taxes and provide cover against legal liability.
  • We discuss a documented tax savings plan with you.
  • We help you implement a premeditated tax plan and strategy.

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